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Space Beers – Watch the animated prologue for the live-action short film



Beaming in from Amsterdam is a brand new intergalactic concept produced by the newly formed production company Space Brewery Films, headed by producer Maurice Schutte and executive producer Martijn Boomsma.

Space Beers: The Prologue is an animated prologue to introduce the franchise – designed by Rotterdam based animation studio KLOMP! Animation – which will be released in full on October 20, 2016 on This three-minute trailer will introduce the backstory of some of the key characters who will eventually feature in the live-action, special effects extravaganza Space Beers: The Short, releasing in full in April 2017.

The brainchild of director/producer Maurice Schutte and screenwriter Philip M. Howe, (who met during a boozy night out during the Cannes Film Festival), the universe of Space Beers will hold many stories- the first of which is being told in the form of a short announcement film will be brought to life by co-directors Maurice Schutte and Bouke van Veen.

Zendra (Sophia La Porta) and Talia (Victoria Broom), two psychotic alien students travelling the universe on a gap year, visit a far-out dive-bar to ease their terminal boredom. But, unimpressed by the unsavory local clientele, decide to teleport random aliens to their table for an epic drinking competition. However, when you have daddy’s unlimited credit card and the entire universe at your fingertips, it takes a bit of trial and error, and possibly the murder of an innocent alien, to find that perfect challenger.

Meanwhile, Jed, a young Scot on a boozy night out at his remote local pub is in the wrong place at the wrong time. The downside being the potential of impending death by being eaten alive as an after-party-man-snack, but on the upside- the beers are free.

Space Beers: The Prologue (+ live action teaser) from Maurice Schutte on Vimeo.

Check out the official site.


A project of this unique cosmic design and production scale has never been realised in The Netherlands until now. To support the franchise, Amsterdam beer brewery Two Chefs will manufacture a brand new beer to mark the film’s release.

The set piece of the space bar itself is also planned to be turned into a pop-up restaurant, allowing diners an out-of-this-world interactive experience, immersing them in the Space Beers universe.

With a full feature film to bookend the franchise in the pipeline for 2018/2019, needless to say you should watch this space!

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