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S is for Stanley is heading to London



On Wednesday 19th October 2016 at Regent Street Cinema, CinemaItaliaUK will screen S is for Stanley by Italian Director Alex Infascelli, a documentary about the fascinating story of Emilio D’Alessandro, the late Stanley Kubrick’s longtime personal driver, assistant, and friend of 30 years.

Thanks to an interview with Christiane Kubrick, Italian Director Alex Infascelli discovers the story of Emilio D’Alessandro, a former race pilot who moved to England in the ’60s and ended up becoming the personal assistant of Stanley Kubrick, and eventually one of his closest friends. S Is For Stanley documents the story of an unlikely friendship that lasted through 30 years of their lives, helped create four cinema masterpieces, and brought together two apparently opposite people, that found their ideal journey companion far away from their homes.

The film was one of the buzz titles at the Rome International Film Festival last year, and it won the David di Donatello Award 2016 for Best Documentary.

S is for Stanley is based on the autobiography written by D’Alessandro and Filippo Ulivieri (Stanley Kubrick and Me by Arcade Publishing) who will be present for a Q&A after the screening. The Italian author will be in conversation with Richard Daniels, Senior Archivist at the Stanley Kubrick Archive (University of the Arts London) and co-editor of Stanley Kubrick: New Perspectives.

S IS FOR STANLEY – PROMO from Rai Com on Vimeo.

It will be the occasion to discover the private life of one of the most important – and reclusive – artists of the 20th century, through the friendly and extremely respectful story told by one of his closest friends. An evening of cinema and memories. A further declaration of love to the Universe Kubrick.

“It’s been a beautiful journey that has gotten me very close to the incredible personalities of two men: one of which I thought I knew everything, only to discover I did not know a single thing, the other of which I didn’t know a thing but has left me speechless with his amazing anecdotes. [… ] After seeing this documentary, watching a Kubrick film will never be the same” says Director Alex Infascelli.

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