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Watch John Travolta in the new Life on the Line trailer



Let us take a moment to appreciate the damn fine facial hair that John Travolta is sporting. Over the years he has rocked a dodgy ‘tache, beard, soul patch, what have you, but for this new one he is doing okay. Can I say beard in relation to Travolta?

Moving swiftly on…..

Like Nicolas Cage’s hair, maybe Travolta’s facial hair effects the quality of the movie. Maybe one day I will do the definitive study, but not today.

Life on the Line is a new action thriller and family drama centred on Beau (John Travolta), his beloved niece Bailey (Kate Bosworth) and the hardworking men who risk their lives to work “on the line” and keep the electric grid running. These unsung heroes brave raging storms and dangerously dizzying heights in their dedication to keeping the populace safe. Toiling hundreds of feet in the air on wires carrying as much as 500,000 volts of electricity, tragedy is often inches away.

Haunted by the electrocution death of his brother, Beau is devoted to Bailey and determined to see her go off to college and away from the life of linemen. Bailey has other plans, which include the strapping second-generation lineman Duncan (Devon Sawa), whom Beau despises. A deadly tempest is brewing and headed straight to their Texas town. Beau, Duncan and a legion of linemen are thrust into the eye of the storm and must face down impending disaster to keep their community connected. This compelling action drama also stars Sharon Stone, Ryan Robbins, Julie Benz and Gil Bellows.

All in all, this looks like it has the potential to be a solid disaster type thriller. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Directed by David Hackl, the film is out in US cinemas and On-Demand on November 18th.


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