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John Malkovich is Playing Lynch and so much more



A while back David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Eraserhead) teased Playing Lynch. It was a link to a site that was counting to something…..maybe a bunch of different actors portraying Lynch? Well, the wait is over and the site has been revealed.

Turns out it is a collaborative meditation on the works of David Lynch – A reinterpretation of the director’s most iconic work featuring world-class artists to raise awareness and support for the David Lynch Foundation.

It features John Malkovich portraying Lynch and various characters from his work – The Elephant Man, Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Lost Highway, and Twin Peaks.

In 2006, David Lynch founded the David Lynch Foundation to bring Transcendental Meditation into the lives of those who could use it most. Since then, the foundation has brought the scientifically proven psychological benefits of TM into prisons, low income schools and the homes of veterans with PTSD. In April 2015, musicians such as The Flaming Lips, Karen O and Jim James performed a one-night-only tribute to the music from Lynch’s films, to raise money for the DLF. Now, you can donate to download a live recording of The Music of David Lynch, as well as the full length high-quality director’s cut of the film featuring John Malkovich playing Lynch, Psychogenic Fugue, and finally, a collectors’ edition of 8 John Malkovich portraits playing Lynch for photographer Sandro. Your proceeds will help the DLF brighten even more lives.

Through his life’s work, David Lynch has beckoned us to look below the surface, to discover new worlds. For those of us who have followed him down the rabbit hole, Squarespace is hosting Playing Lynch. Here, world-class artists and musicians offer their own interpretations of Lynch’s work, all to benefit the David Lynch Foundation. It’s their opportunity to do to Lynch’s world what he has done to ours for so long: show it in a new light to reveal a whole new realm of possibilities. Consider it returning the favor.

You can donate money over at the Playing Lynch site and get a copy of The Music of David Lynch.




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