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Killbillies – The Slovenian action horror gets a new poster



Killbillies (aka Idyll aka Idila) is a Slovenian action horror film by Tomaž Gorkič.

After a night of carousing the amateur photo model Zina heads for a fashion shoot in nature, accompanied by the ambitious Mia, apathetic Dragica and snobby photographer Blitcz. On their way to the location they come across some odd locals, but pay them no attention. On an idyllic meadow that they chose as their location, they are violently attacked by its supposed owners Francl and Vintlr. Thus an ordinary fashion shoot in nature turns into a fierce fight for survival…

Idyll plays with the genre pattern of a horrifying confrontation between rural and urban. Underneath the basic story structure there are some subtly positioned problematic themes that modern-day Slovene as well as general society faces nowadays. It is a dark reflection of the world we live in.

The film stars Nina Ivanišin, Nika Rozman, Lotos Vincenc Šparovec, Sebastian Cavazza, Manca Ogorevc, Jurij Drevenšek, Damjana Černe, Damir Leventič, Matic Bobnar, Ajda Smrekar, and Liza Marija Grašič.




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