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Labyrinth: The Ultimate Visual History is heading our way


labyrinth-the-ultimate-visual-historyThree decades after its release, Labyrinth, starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly, continues to enthral audiences with its winning mixture of whimsical humour, fantastical creatures, and unforgettable music. Filled with a wealth of rare and unseen behind-the-scenes imagery, Labyrinth: The Ultimate Visual History explores the creation of the film as seen through the eyes of the artists, costume designers, and creature creators who gave the beloved fantasy classic its distinctive look.

Titan Books very kindly sent me a copy of the book and it is absolutely stunning. Full of information, interviews and behind the scenes photos, there are many hours to be lost looking through it. It is absolutely wonderful and a fitting companion to the film. It’s not just for fans of Labyrinth it is also a great read for those who like to see what goes in to making a movie.

Featuring exclusive interviews with the talented crew and cast, including Jennifer Connelly, Brian Henson, Brian Froud, and George Lucas, this deluxe book brings together a wealth of rare sketches and concept art with numerous insert items, such as story notes from Jim Henson, sketches from character designer Brian Froud, and many more treats for fans of the film. With stunning visuals and unparalleled insight into the creation of a true modern classic, Labyrinth: The Ultimate Visual History is the perfect companion piece to one of the best-loved fantasy films of all time.

Labyrinth: The Ultimate Visual History arrives on shelves October 21, 2016 and you can pre-order it here.




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