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Crack the Fever Code for the Maze Runner prequel



Bestselling author James Dashner has released exclusive content from the brand new prequel to the multimillion-selling Maze Runner series, The Fever Code, in an exciting code-cracking activity available only to fans on Twitter.

 The world has ended: the earth is scorched, and fever rages through the population. Out of the chaos, a boy emerges with the power to change everything: Thomas. This is the start of his story. An electrifying Maze Runner prequel, The Fever Code holds all the answers: How did WICKED find the Gladers? Who are Group B? Whose side are Thomas and Teresa really on? Lies will be exposed. Secrets uncovered. Loyalties proven. You’ll never see the truth coming …

The social network challenge has begun with a clue tweeted by James Dashner himself, which Twitter users must solve to reveal exclusive content from The Fever Code, released in hardback by Chicken House on 27th September in retailers across the UK.

Further codes will be revealed on Twitter over the course of a week with a series of special partners. Fans can crack codes to uncover brand new information about the Maze Runner series which they can use to uncover a final exclusive piece of content, hidden somewhere on the internet.

Chicken House, the UK publisher of the Maze Runner series, worked with the University of Bristol’s esteemed lecturer and cryptographer Nigel Smart to create a selection of stimulatingly challenging codes for fans to decipher.

James Dashner said, “I love the idea of #CrackTheFeverCode – fans of The Maze Runner all over the world will get to unravel some secrets from The Fever Code, my upcoming book release, by cracking some super-challenging codes. I am really excited to kick the activity off with the first clue. Good luck!”

Barry Cunningham, Managing Director of Chicken House, said, ‘With James harbouring an entire Dashner Army of fans on Twitter, we’re so pleased James wanted to work with us to deliver another Twitter-based activation to reward his fans online. Last year’s #ScorchMaze resulted in great engagement, so this year we’re excited for fans to find exclusive content from the prequel in such an interesting way.’

The fifth book in the New York Times bestselling series which has spawned two international blockbusters, The Fever Code takes fans of the Maze Runner series back to the very start, in a prequel which promises to answer fans’ burning questions about the origins of their favourite characters and the Maze.

To find out more, visit, or search #CrackTheFeverCode on Twitter to play along.

The Fever Code will be available to buy in the UK from 27th September 2016.

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