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Eaglemoss sent me a box full of comic book goodness



The other day I get a delivery from Eaglemoss. It was a big box packed full of some of their latest magazines, figures and watches. You know the type. A magazine full of info and images on various comic book, movie and film characters along with a figure of the character in question.

The ones I got included Marvel and DC characters along with the giant from Game of Thrones. You can see them below.

There was also a rather splendid watch featuring Brian Bolland’s take on The Joker in The Killing Joke.

As with all of these type of things, it all depends if you like the characters or subject in question. The magazines bring you up to speed on the character and the figures are on the whole, pretty good, although I did feel the Vision and Iron Man ones seemed a bit skinny.

If this is your kind of thing then head on over to the new Eaglemoss site to see what they have got to offer. Below is just a small selection.

Many thanks to Eaglemoss for sending over the goodies.

eaglemoss kingpin

Marvel Knights :
·         MMFCUK11 Kingpin Special Edition Figurine
·         MMFCUK10 Luke Cage Special Edition Figurine
 eaglemoss starlord
Marvel Cosmic :
·         MMFUK007 Star-Lord Movie Figurine
 eaglemoss venom
Marvel Classic:
·         MBCUK002 Marvel Venom Figurine
·         MBCUK003 The Vision Figurine
 eaglemoss watch
·         DCWUK002 Batman: The Killing Joke comic art
·         DCWUK001 Batman v Superman Watch
 eaglemoss iron man
Marvel Movie:
·         MMFUK001 Iron Man Movie Figurine
·         MASUK006 Harley/Joker Boxset
Dc Figurines:
·         CDCUK015 Deadshot
 eaglemoss giant
Game of thrones:
·         GOTUK801 Mag the Mighty Figurine  




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