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Brad Pitt wants David Fincher to direct World War Z sequel


brad pitt david fincher

World War Z was a great book and, while the film had its faults, I looked on it as simply another chapter in the tale. It did have quite a few production problems, including a huge section set in Russia that didn’t make it in to the film.

There has been sequel in the works with J.A. Bayona down to direct Brad Pitt as he does some more observing of the zombie horde. However, Bayona has had to leave the production which leaves the directors chair open.

Turns out that Pitt wants David Fincher to direct the film and if that comes to pass I can see it being on everyone’s radar. As they worked together on Seven, Fight Club, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button there is a possibility it could happen.

Pitt, Paramount and Skydance have taken meetings with Fincher for the sequel, but nothing has been confirmed. Reports say that Fincher is open to directing which is surprising considering his history of directing sequels.

Can you imagine a David Fincher directed zombie movie? This could be amazing. Fingers crossed he takes the gig.

Via ScreenDaily


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