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Looks like Army of Darkness will be part of Ash vs Evil Dead



During the first season of Ash vs Evil Dead there was some talk as to whether there would be any reference to Ash’s adventures in Army of Darkness. It seemed that this wouldn’t be happening due to various rights issues. However, it appears that has all been sorted out.

Executive Producer Rob Tapert was talking about the show at SDCC and had this to say about Army of Darkness.

I read somebody’s online thing, ‘Oh look, they’re only pulling from these two [Evil Dead] movies.’ This season, we do bring up Ash’s events in Army of Darkness, and reference it. It was more that there wasn’t a place for it in our storytelling that we needed to talk about that. If he started blabbing to these shop clerks about, ‘Yeah, I went back to the Middle Ages and did all these things,’ [it would just be exposition]. But that is in his memory bank, and he’s going to pull it out at the appropriate time.

That is fantastic news as I do love that film. I wonder if the Ash who travelled too far in time from the alternate ending will ever show up? Could be a good way of bringing in another Ash duplicate!

The possibility of a new Evil Dead movie is still on the cards.

Nothing’s off the table. We’re thinking about what that could be. And who that would please. And what is that? Sam talked for many, many years teasing the world about, ‘We’re going to make Evil Dead 4,’ and that kind of turned into a TV series. Now Bruce and I are going, ‘There’s a possibility of a movie here.’ We’ll see what happens.

This October, Ash and team are back and there will be blood. Insanely awesome amounts of blood.

Season 2 of Ash vs. Evil Dead roars back into action with Ash leaving his beloved Jacksonville and returning to his hometown of Elk Grove. There, he confronts Ruby. The former enemies have to form an uneasy alliance as Elk Grove soon becomes the nucleus of evil.

The cast is led by Bruce Campbell in the role of Ash Williams; Lucy Lawless as Ruby, who now possesses the powerful Necronomicon; Ray Santiago as Pablo Simon Bolivar, Ash’s loyal sidekick dealing with the trauma he suffered in the cabin; and Dana DeLorenzo as Kelly Maxwell, who, grief-stricken after the death of her parents, plots revenge against The Evil Dead.

Lee Majors, Ted Raimi, and Michelle Hurd join the series this year as Brock Williams, Ash’s father; Chet Kaminski, Ash’s childhood best friend; and Linda, Ash’s high school love, respectively.

You can watch the trailer here.

ash vs evil dead season 2


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