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It is all change in The Flash Season 3 trailer


the flash season 3

After the ending of The Flash Season 2 we knew things would be different. However, the first trailer for Season 3 shows just how much things have changed. I have no idea whether these changes will carry over into Arrow Season 5, but at the moment it is promising great things.

During SDCC it was mentioned that there would be a couple of big bads this season. One will be another speedster, and the other will be Doctor Alchemy. A year will have passed since Barry altered the timeline and he will be loving his new life. Both of his parents are alive, Wally West is the Flash, and Barry works for the CCPD. But Barry will also get advice from another speedster about navigating the new timeline

The Flash returns Tuesday, October 13, at 8pm ET, on the CW.


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