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Watch Jackie Chan & Johnny Knoxville in Renny Harlin’s Skiptrace trailer



Skiptrace follows Bennie Chan (Jackie Chan), a Hong Kong detective who has been tracking notorious crime boss Victor Wong for over a decade.

When Bennie’s goddaughter Samantha (Bingbing Fan) gets into trouble with Wong’s crime syndicate, Bennie must track down the man whose actions got her there: the fast-talking American gambler Connor Watts (Johnny Knoxville).

Bennie soon discovers, however, that in bringing Connor back to Hong Kong he’s ensuring more than his goddaughter’s fate; Connor also possesses knowledge about Victor Wong that, if exposed, could finally bring the corrupt businessman to justice. As Bennie races against the clock to return with Connor to Hong Kong, the unlikely pair embarks on an entertaining and perilous adventure that spans from the mountains of Mongolia to the dunes of the Gobi desert.

Directed by Renny Harlin, the film stars Jackie Chan, Johnny Knoxville, Bingbing Fan, Eric Tsang, Winston Chao, and Eve Torres.

Saban Films opens the film in US cinemason 2nd September after an exclusive VOD run on DirecTV.

skiptrace poster

Source: Saban Films


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