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Javier Bardem could be Frankenstein in Universal’s Monster movies



This morning I posted our first look at Sofia Boutella as The Mummy in Universal’s new cinematic universe. She is starring alongside Tom Cruise in that film. It also seems that Dr. Jekyll may also show up. It looks like Russell Crowe will be playing that mad scientist. Then we have Johnny Depp, who is said to be playing the Invisible Man.

It seems that Universal are going for more great actors as Variety are reporting that Javier Bardem is in talks to play Frankenstein. I am assuming that means Dr. Frankenstein and not the monster, but the article doesn’t make that clear. I could see him making an excellent version of the Creature.

The word is that Dr. Jekyll will show up first in The Mummy, before getting his own film. It is also thought that Frankenstein will also appear in another Monster movie, before getting his own film, but it is not clear which one.

Universal also have plans for The Bride of Frankenstein and Angelina Jolie had been rumoured for that role, but that may well have changed.

I quite like what Universal are doing with the Monster-verse. I just hope they have some decent scares in them and don’t end up being generic action films with some supernatural elements.

UPDATE: Variety’s Justin Kroll has said that Bardem is in talks to play the Monster.


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