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The Creature Below trailer promises Lovecraftian horror



The independent horror feature film The Creature Below will receive its world premiere at the Horror Channel’s FrightFest film festival in London, UK, on Saturday 27th August. In anticipation of the premiere screening, a new trailer and poster have been released for the Lovecraftian horror film.

The Creature Below is a new horror film about a young scientist whose discovery of a malevolent entity sets her on a bloody descent into the jaws of insanity. The film will introduce a terrifying new monster to the genre, and with slimy practical creature and gore effects, it promises audiences a deeply disturbing new addition to the international horror scene.

The film stars Anna Dawson as Olive, Michaela Longden as Ellie, Daniel S. Thrace as Matt, Johnny Vivash as Dara, Zach Lee as Fletcher, David Shackleton as Herbert, and Libby Watts as Mrs. Jones.

During a traumatic accident on a deep-sea dive, Olive (Dawson), a gifted, young marine biologist, discovers an unearthly creature. Losing her dream job, Olive smuggles the creature home, intent on studying it in secret, unbeknownst to her devoted boyfriend, Matt (Thrace), and estranged sister, Ellie (Longden).

Plagued by gruesome nightmares, her fractured memories of what happened during the accident in the depths of the ocean begin to unravel, revealing her symbiotic bond with an eldritch horror far older and malevolent than she could possibly imagine, one which drives her to carry out its sinister will, with deadly results for those around her.

The film is the feature film debut of director Stewart Sparke and writer Paul Butler, two independent filmmakers from England looking to bring this unique British horror film to international audiences. “We want the viewer to feel the stomach-curdling dread of knowing that there are unfathomable creatures slumbering in the dark places of the world and see the consequences if we wake them,” writer Paul Butler says of the story they are telling. “Our love of monster movies was a big influence when writing the script, and I think fans of creature features will be very pleased with what we have in store for them.”

Director Stewart Sparke explains why gore fans and devotees of old school practical creature effects will find something to enjoy, “We knew that practical effects were the key to bringing our slimy monster to life in a way that would make Lovecraft proud. Buckets of blood, guts, and tentacles punctuate moments of immeasurable dread as our creature grows in size and appetite.”



Source: DreadCentral


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