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Godplex – Watch the trailer for new Antipodean indie film


poster 2016

Godplex is a feature film written and directed by New Zealander Darcy Gladwin. It stars Shane Hollands, a prominent Auckland-based performance poet, alongside Marko Maglaic, Alison Walls, and Katie Bierwirth.

Inspired by ‘elephant consciousness’, Clark Duke has created Virtology, a startup religion with which he plans to enlighten and change the world for the better. To his delight he attracts thousands of online followers and among those seeking answers are a gender-confused teen, an over-zealous journalist and a threatening character who seems to share a psychic connection.

When his house burns down under suspicious circumstances he hooks his long-term project boat to his van and heads out on an evangelical mission of absurd and tragic outcomes.

Self-funded, Godplex was produced over 10 years in NZ and Australia resulting in an onscreen time split of 60% NZ and 40% Australia.
The two leads are cult artist figures in their own rights, you’ll find that they bring significant bodies of work to play in different ways throughout the film. They are supported by professionals in both countries, the cast includes actors from Poland, France, Croatia, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, South Africa, USA, UK.

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