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Dwayne Johnson may be Universal’s The Wolf Man



Sony Pictures have picked up the rights to a new, as yet unpublished graphic novel called Son of Shaolin created and written by Jay Longino.

Plot details are scarce, but Deadline say it is hoped to start a global franchise, a contemporary Kung-Fu story that intertwines Shaolin mythology with many of the current issues faced by teens growing up in a gentrifying neighborhood.

Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia from Seven Bucks Productions will produce the film, but it is not clear whether Johnson will star in the film as yet.

The fact he is in so many films, franchises and the like means he is a very busy man.

However, the most interesting news from Deadline’s article is the fact that there are persistent rumours Universal wants him for their Wolf Man movie that is part of its classic monsters franchise revival plans.

We have already got Tom Cruise starring in The Mummy, Russell Crowe is meant to be playing Dr. Jekyll and now the possibility of The Rock as The Wolf Man! It could be a different take on the classic tale, but part of me is really intrigued to see what Dwayne Johnson as a werewolf would be like.

How do you feel about The Rock as The Wolf Man?

What are the chances that he becomes a Werewolf due to a new military experiment to create a new super soldier, but it goes terribly wrong unleashing a pack of bloodthirsty werewolves, yet Johnson manages to keep hold of some of his humanity and fights the bad wolves!


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