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Beyond The Gates – Watch Barbara Crampton in trailer for new adventure horror


beyond the gate

Jackson Stewart is making his directorial debut with Beyond The Gates and it looks like lots of fun. Has a cool 80s vibe running through it, especially as the evil is unleashed with one of those old board games that used a video to control it.

In Beyond the Gates, two estranged brothers reunite seven months after their father’s disappearance to liquidate his anemic video store. While there, they unearth an old VCR board game that acts as an inter-dimensional hub to a nightmare world where their Father’s soul is trapped and can only be saved by playing the game. The film is an adventure horror that pays loving tribute to the VHS format, video stores, and board games of the era.

The film stars Barbara Crampton (You’re Next), Graham Skipper (Almost Human), Chase Williamson (The Guest), Brea Grant (Halloween 2), Matt Mercer (Contracted), Justin Welborn (FX’s “Justified”, The Signal, V/H/S/ Viral), Henry LeBlanc (“The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”), Jesse Merlin (FDR: American Badass), David Bruckner (co-director of V/H/S, The Signal), and Pierson Ryan (“Red Team Go”).

The film is set to debut at 2016 LA Film Festival, which runs June 1-9, 2016 at the ArcLight Cinemas.

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Thanks to Curerbell for sending it over.

beyond the gates

Source: BloodyDisgusting


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