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Michael Keaton is back on for Spider-Man: Homecoming


Michael Keaton

There had been talk a while back that Michael Keaton was in talks to play the big bad in Spider-Man: Homecoming. However, that seemed to stop and it looked like he would not be taking part.

Now Variety are reporting that Keaton is once again in talks for the film. It seems that the initial talks failed due to money as with Robert Downey Jr being involved it wasn’t clear whether Sony could afford both actors.

It seems that something has been worked out. Fingers crossed Keaton does get involved.

Tom Holland is playing Peter Parker / Spider-Man. Marisa Tomei is playing Aunt May, and Zendaya is said to be playing a key role.

There have also been some rumours from JoBlo about who Keaton will be playing along with new details on Spidey’s suit. Take these with a grain of salt, but they could be possible spoilers. Check them out after the image below.


They say that Keaton will be playing The Vulture in the film meaning he will be a Birdman once more! However, he’s not the only bad guy in the mix. The Vulture will be aided by none other than The Tinkerer, who will help him build his suit with recovered Chitauri tech from the Battle of New York.

Although we’ve already seen Spider-Man’s new duds in CIVIL WAR, there will be some upgrades for HOMECOMING. We already know that Tony Stark will feature in the film and it appears he’ll be in more of a mentor role than anything, while supplying him with modifications to his suit. What kind of modifications? Well, if you stuck it out for the end credits of Civil War you got to see Peter Parker discover Stark’s costume Easter Egg for the web shooters that also featured Spidey’s signature signal light. Well, it looks like we’ll be seeing more old-school signature Spidey features, as Stark will also be supplying the classic Web Wings from the comics that will be able to deploy as needed. So, it appears Spider-Man is going back to his Stan Lee/Steve Ditko roots and that is pretty badass.


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