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The Third Wave – Ellen Page to star in new zombie film that takes place after the cure has been found


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This sounds interesting and not to be confused with the recent film, The 5th Wave.

The new film is called The Third Wave and is set to star Ellen Page and Sam Keeley. It will be the feature directorial debut of David Freyne who wrote the script after making a prequel short film called The First Wave.

For six years, Europe was plagued by a devastating virus that transformed humans into zombie-like monsters. As mankind struggled to control the pandemic, the great hope of a cure was found. As the veil of darkness lifts, an unforeseen enemy surfaces in its wake: the past. The cured are haunted with the memories of their actions while infected.

The dream of reintegration has failed with a two-tiered society emerging. Many cured are shunned by their remaining families, while others hold a deep bitterness over the controls placed on them. Mixed feelings of fear, guilt and anger, as well as the government’s decision to eliminate ‘the resistant’ leads to the rise of a terrorist movement– plunging the country into chaos again…The Cure is just the Beginning.

I do like the sound of that.

“The Third Wave brings an entire new perspective to the zombie genre, which I love,” Page said in a statement. “David Freyne truly shifts his lens on society’s role in the apocalyptic world. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to share his thoughtful approach to horror with audiences.”

You can watch The First Wave below.

Via ScreenDaily


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