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Check out Alicia Vikander & James McAvoy in Wim Wenders’ Submergence



Here is our first look at Alicia Vikander and James McAvoy in Wim Wenders‘ adaptation of J.M. Ledgard’s Submergence.

Here is the book synopsis:

In a room with no windows on the eastern coast of Africa, an Englishman, James More, is held captive by jihadist fighters.

Thousands of miles away on the Greenland Sea, Danielle Flinders prepares to dive in a submersive to the ocean floor.

In their confines they are drawn back to the Christmas of the previous year, where a chance encounter on a beach in France led to an intense and enduring romance…

Well I was already in for Wim Wenders (Wings of Desire), but McAvoy and Vikander make this even better. It does sound intriguing.


Thanks to The Playlist for the image.


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