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Harley Quinn may get her own movie with a few friends


harley quinn

We will be seeing Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad film. However, it looks like she will also be getting her own movie as well. However, as in the comics she will have a few friends with her.

According to THR, Margot Robbie will star and produce the film and word on the street is that Batgirl and Birds of Prey will be involved in some way.

Sources say that Robbie was the impetus for the project, adding that when she got the part for the movie, she dove deep into the comics to learn as much as possible on the character. In the process, she fell for DC’s female characters. She brought on the writer to help develop the project and brought it to Warners, which snapped it up.

The character was created by writer Paul Dini and was initially a sidekick and girlfriend to the Joker, but she has increased in popularity over the years.

It is still early days, but this could be an amazing opportunity. There are loads of great characters that could be involved and it could be DC and Warner Bros. equivalent of Deadpool as both characters are insane, twisted individuals.

What other characters would you like to see in a Harley Quinn movie? It’s got to have Poison Ivy and Catwoman.


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