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TriCoast UK unleashes action comedy double-bill on VOD


Kung Fu Brother-1

Marcus Aurelius’ combat comedy KUNG FU BROTHER kicks its way into UK as three cops and a female reporter go in hot pursuit of an assassin whose quest is to acquire the Sacred Kuji Denjo Scrolls. As the team traverses across the globe in this perilous adventure, they can’t seem to avoid hand-to-hand battles, white-knuckle car chases, sword fights, and explosive gun battles. The crew must find a way to discover the murderer fast enough so they are no longer targets of ancient Thailand’s Weirding Clan. Stars Marcus Aurelius, Elle Bennett, Marcha Daniels and Ron Hall, the actor, director and fight choreographer who also starred in Aurelius’ 2006 Kung Fu movie Almost Related, now regarded by fans as an underrated cult classic.

Kung Fu Brother Trailer from TriCoast Studios on Vimeo.

Almost Sharkproof-WEB2

Described as a ‘racy bromantic comedy’, ALMOST SHARKPROOF stars Cameron Van Hoy and Michael Drayer as Vince and Freddy, two buddies who invent a Sharkproof wetsuit and set out to strike it rich. They seek investment from loan shark & club-owner Max (Jon Lovitz) but end up falling for the same girl, Isabella (Kinga Kierzek), the receiving half of a knife-throwing club act. When Isabella chooses to live with the boys all hell breaks loose at the club. Suddenly the boys must become the men they pretend to be, It’s now sink or swim and time to test their invention…

KUNG FU BROTHER and ALMOST SHARKPROOF come to the UK on Download courtesy of TriCoast UK and are available on iTunes, Amazon Video and Google Play from 16th May 2016.


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