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Equals – Check out Kristen Stewart & Nicholas Hoult in new photos


equals 12

Kristen Stewart, Nicholas Hoult, Guy Pearce and Jacki Weaver star in Drake Doremus’ Equals.

Nathan Parker (Moon) wrote the screenplay, a love story set in the future where emotions have been eradicated, but a disease – SOS (Switch On Syndrome) – can cause them to return.

In a futuristic utopian society, human emotions have been eradicated and everyone lives in peace but when a new disease surfaces, everything changes for illustrator Silas (Hoult). He becomes an outcast once infected and is drawn to his writer co-worker Nia (Stewart), who is also infected but hiding her condition. In order to survive, they have to escape together.

It seems like a cross between THX-1138 and Equilibrium. You can read our review here.

Check out the new photos, via The Playlist, below.

equals 1

equals 2

equals 3

equals 4

equals 5

equals 6

equals 7

equals 8

equals 9

equals 10

equals 11

equals 13


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