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Watch Treat Williams in The Congressman trailer


The Congressman

The Congressman is directed by Jared Martin and Robert Mrazek. It stars Treat Williams, Elizabeth Marvel, Ryan Merriman, and George Hamilton.

Maine Congressman Charlie Winship has had a bad day. After being caught on video failing to stand and recite the pledge of allegiance, he knocks out another House member, confronts his angry ex-wife, and faces denunciation by the media for attacking one of the most cherished patriotic symbols in America. As his life spirals out of control, Charlie embarks on a journey to a remote island in the Atlantic whose eccentric inhabitants are in the middle of a shooting war over their fishing grounds. Treat Williams stars as The Congressman in this humorous and moving film that raises the important question of what it means to be an American.

Robert Mrazek wrote the script. Turns out he represented a Long Island, N.Y., congressional district for a decade before retiring from the House of Representatives in 1993. The film has elements of his own life. For instance, he has owned a retreat on the remote Maine island of Monhegan for 30 years.

“The contrast between the culture in Washington today, with the partisanship, the inability to work together, and the culture on this island, where there are about 75 people who live there year round,” Mrazek says. “A lot of them don’t like one another, but they know they have to work together in common cause to make it.”

The Congressman poster

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