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Stephen Merchant & Richard E. Grant join Wolverine 3


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Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Boyd Holbrook are all set to star in Wolverine 3 which is set to begin production next month.

Holbrook will be playing a relentless, calculating and intense head of security for a global enterprise who is set against Wolverine (Jackman). 

The latest additions to the cast are Stephen Merchant (The Office) and Richard E. Grant (Withnail & I). Not much is known about their roles, but it is thought that Grant will be playing a mad scientist type of character.


David James Kelly wrote the screenplay and James Mangold is directing.

Not much is known about the film, but it is due out in March 2017. Some rumours suggest it could be based, or at least inspired by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s Old Man Logan storyline. I can’t see them going with the post-apocalyptic wasteland, but I would be more than happy to see Wolverine and Professor X go on a road trip. Maybe Holbrook’s head of security will be chasing them the entire way?


Via Deadline


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