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The Duelist gets a trailer



The Duelist, from Non-Stop Productions – the studio behind Russian hit Stalingrad and Golden Globe®-winning and Academy Award®-nominated Leviathan – will be digitally re-mastered in the immersive IMAX® format and released in IMAX® theatres in Russia and select international markets starting October 2016.

An adventure film, with dramatic and thriller elements set against the backdrop of palaces and the noble view of the Russian capital, The Duelist centers on Yakovlev, a retired officer, who returns to St. Petersburg from a long exile. While in the city, he fights as a duelist’s representative. (Nineteenth-century Russian duel law allowed for a duelist to be replaced by any one person.) Though Yakovlev fights for money, he also seeks honor and revenge against those who disgraced him, therein, challenging the Russian Providence.

Marking the third Russian-language film to be released in IMAX, The Duelist is directed by Alexei Mizgirev and produced by Alexander Rodnyansky, who co-owns Non-Stop Productions with Sergey Melkumov. The film features an acclaimed cast of Russian and European stars, including Pyotr Fyodorov (Stalingrad), Vladimir Mashkov (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol), Yuri Kolokolnikov (TV’s Game of Thrones) and Martin Wuttke (Inglorious Basterds).

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Source: Sony


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