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Crowdfund This: Odd Creatures Among Us


odd creatures

“Stealing a glass ball that contains the mother of a vampire was not a wise thing at all! Come on! We all know you’re excited!”

Tamás Papp got in touch to share the news of a short film he is working on.

We like to think that we are all-knowing. We know our family, know our friends, our co-workers, our city. The whole, unremarkable everyday routine that we live in. But what if not the world is the one that’s dull, only we are blind to it’s wonders? It’s a nice thing to think about, right? That magic and fairies are just as real, as the sleeping homeless guy on the morning bus. Well, as far as I know, he just might be the chief wizard of the district. Unbelievable? Maybe.

Here is what Tamás had to say about it:

I’m going to graduate this year on a Cinematography BA course in Budapest. As it’s my final year, I have to make a thesis film. I’ve been preproducing the film in the last couple of months and I knew that I had to raise some money before, to be able to shoot it in a proper way since the school doesn’t support our projects.

Lots more info over on the Kickstarter page so if you like the sound of it help them out if you can.


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