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Coma – Watch the trailer for Russian sci-fi / fantasy film



After a mysterious and terrible accident, a young talented architect finds himself in a very strange world, only partially resembling reality. The world that is based on the memory of reality of people who are in a deep coma. Human memory is fragmented, chaotic and changeable. The same is the space of COMA – a queer set of memories where rivers, glaciers and cities can fit in one room, where any laws of physics can be broken. The main character has to figure out the laws of this space, fight for life, find love, finally find an exit to the real world and realize it in a new way understanding what COMA actually is.

This was out in Russia back in 2013, but looks like they are gearing up for a release in other parts of the world.

Directed by Archil Kavtaradze, it stars Giorgi Maskhulia, Jano Izoria, and Mikheil Akhvlediani.

coma 3

coma 2

coma 1

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