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Movietone has released never-before-seen footage



Movietone has released never-before-seen footage from 50 high profile movies from 1920’s – 1970’s exclusively onto Shutterstock. They cannot explicitly reveal the films at this point, but can suggest a lot of the footage comes from a certain British series of spy films….

Movietone has painstakingly been digitsing the footage archives for around six months so far, with 150 reels already processed and over 3000 film cans still to go.

The British Movietone collection offers original footage filmed by iconic Pinewood Studios, among others, between 1930 and 1960 and contains clips that have been digitized for the first time

A major appeal of this collection is the location shots (extremely popular with filmmakers), with many global landmarks shown. London is well represented, with both day and night shots comprehensively covered. It should be noted that night shots from this period are very rare.

The footage has been taken from 35mm film, making it HD ready, and suitable for modern film and documentary makers. The shots themselves are extremely rare as the original cans haven’t been opened for 40 years. As a result, these clips are likely to be in high demand from television, feature film, and production customers as well as growing numbers of documentary makers and makers of period dramas.

Sift through more than 800 clips for international imagery of landmarks such as the Taj Mahal, cultural touchstones like London at night, and historical remnants of a TWA plane taking flight. You might even recognize some clips from popular movies and TV series such as Man in a Suitcase. Hundreds more will be available in the coming weeks.




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