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Check out Lou Taylor Pucci in Poor Boy


poor boy

Poor Boy is directed by Robert Scott Wildes and has a great cast – Lou Taylor Pucci (Spring), Dov Tiefenbach (Time Out Of Mind), Michael Shannon (Midnight Special), Pat Healy (Cheap Thrills), Amanda Crew (Silicon Vally), and Dale Dickey (Justifed, Winter’s Bone).

Left without any family to speak of, two misfit brothers Romeo and Samson Griggs live on a battered houseboat in the desert on the outskirts of town. Desperately lacking intuition and direction, the reckless pair survive by hustling, gambling and thieving other small-time crooks in their neighborhood. Tired of their circumstances, Romeo and Samson launch their most complex and financially rewarding long con yet in an attempt to finally leave their small desert town for California.

Poor Boy is playing at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Check out the poster below.

poor boy poster

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