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Brian De Palma is directing The Truth and Other Lies


brian de palma

Brian De Palma (Scarface, Blowout, The Untouchables) is set to direct a black comedy based on Sascha Arango’s novel, The Truth and Other Lies.

Written by Sascha Arango, who also wrote the screenplay for the film,the novel follows famous writer Henry Hayden, who manages to uphold his image as a loving husband but is in danger of losing the facade when his mistress becomes pregnant.

Here is the book synopsis:

From the outside, Henry Hayden has a perfect life: he’s a famous novelist with more money than he can spend, a grand house in the country, a loyal, clever wife. But Henry has a dark side. If only the readers and critics who worship his every word knew that his success depends on a carefully maintained lie. One he will stop at nothing to protect.

His luck must surely run out, and he simply can’t allow that to happen. In thrall to paranoia and self-interest, Henry makes a fatal error that could cause the whole dream to unravel and, despite his Machiavellian efforts, events swiftly spin out of control as lie is heaped upon lie, menace upon menace. And it turns out that those around him have their secrets too . . .

That’s pretty much all there is to know on the project at the moment, but always good to know about a Brian De Palma movie heading our way.

the truth and other lies

Source: THR


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