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Watch Billy Burke, Gary Cole & Sarah Shahi in the Divine Access trailer


divine access 2

Directed by Steven Chester Prince, the film stars Billy Burke, Gary Cole, Sarah Shahi, Patrick Warburton, Joel David Moore, Dora Madison & Adrienne Barbeau.

Divine Access is equal parts comedy and drama. Set in the south, it’s a road movie, a buddy picture and an often sweet, thought-provoking story of redemption.

Jack Harriman (Billy Burke) has seen it all. Keenly aware of Jack’s penchant for discrediting religious zealots, Jack is asked to join a cable access television show produced by his friend Bob McCord (Patrick Warburton). After humiliating the current host of the show, the Reverend Guy Roy Davis (Gary Cole), Jack’s popularity turns him into a spiritual celebrity and he takes to the road on a multi-city speaking tour accompanied by Nigel a self-proclaimed “catcher” (Joel David Moore). Along the way Jack and Nigel are joined by Amber (Dora Madison), a down on her luck call-girl, and Marian (Sarah Shahi), an enigmatic beauty who challenges Jack’s beliefs and questions whether he has some deeper calling.

Forces both natural and supernatural lead Jack on a journey to discover his own spiritual truth, culminating in a final showdown with Guy Roy. Ultimately, DIVINE ACCESS is a story of family, friendship and faith.

I do like the look of this. Check out the trailer below.

Check out the official site and Facebook Page.


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