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Tarzan On The Planet Of The Apes is heading our way


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Emerald City Comicon saw the announcement of a lovely pulp mashup – Tarzan On The Planet Of The Apes.

From BOOM! Studios, the five-issue series is co-written by Tim Seeley and David F. Walker with art by Fernando Dagnino.

According to CBR, the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Pierre Boulle meet in a new world that finds Tarzan raised by “Planet of the Apes” mainstays Zira and Cornelius alongside their biological son Milo, and that’s just where the story begins.

Here is what Seeley and Walker had to say about it:

Tim Seeley: The series starts with Tarzan growing up, raised by the intelligent apes, Zira and Corneilius, along with his brother Milo. It gets crazier from there.

David F. Walker: With any of these types of crossovers, it is always an issue of finding how to merge these two different worlds. Fortunately, both franchises had some interesting concepts that made things a bit easier. “Planet of the Apes” has time travel, and Tarzan has talking apes known as the Mangani. I don’t want to say any more than that, because it would start getting into spoilers. But I will say that combining these franchises wasn’t nearly as difficult as one might think.

We bring in quite a few recognizable and classic characters, but we play around with them — starting with Tarzan. This is not the same Tarzan you know and love, though he is very familiar. The biggest changes we see are in the POTA characters. We see a lot of them, from many of the original movies, and they are all different — some slightly, other drastically.

There’s one in particular — I can’t say without giving away a major spoiler. One of the things Tim and I did, with the help of Scott, was to create a world of Tarzan and POTA that makes sense — at least in the classic willing suspension of disbelief sense.

Seeley: Our approach was more to mine the long legacy of these stories and use the best stuff from their long histories. We’ll see Ho-Walla, Pellucidar, Victorian London, and, of course, the Planet of The Apes.

tarzan planet of the apes

tarzan planet of the apes 2

“Tarzan On The Planet Of The Apes” #1 by David F. Walker, Tim Seeley and Fernando Dagnino debuts in September from Dark Horse Comics and BOOM! Studios.


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