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Simon West’s Salty gets a new poster


salty poster simon west banner

Salty is a new film that is being directed by Simon West (Con Air, The Expendables 2, The Mechanic, Tomb Raider).

In our interview with Simon back in 2014, he spoke about what the film was about:

It’s about a burnt out rocker, in his 50’s. He’s a bass player in a big, mega band. He’s made a fortune and is now living in his mansion in LA, with his ex-super model wife, just drinking himself into the grave basically. His wife is more outgoing and wants to see the world, so she drags them off to Thailand. He doesn’t really wanna go – he just wants to sit around and drink beer all day. So that’s what he does in Thailand. She goes out elephant trekking and unfortunately gets kidnapped by pirates. They’re a pretty inept bunch, who have lost their boat, so they just want to get enough money to get a new boat so they can carry on their pirating.

The leader recognises her from Hello! magazine as the wife of this famous rock star, so he ups the ransom from a few thousand to a million dollars. The money is no problem for our hero, Turk, but, in the meantime, a US agent stationed out there in the middle of nowhere gets wind of it. He twists the whole thing into a terrorist plot so that he can up his career potential. So he starts to interfere and doesn’t want Turk to pay the ransom.

So, Turk hires an Australian commando mercenary to help him, and he gets killed in the process, so Turk has to do it himself. He’s never tied his own shoelace or done anything but order room service, but now he has to go and rescue his wife from these Thai pirates and fun ensues.

Check out the full interview as he talks about how the film was financed amongst other things.

There is still no word on who will be starring in the film, but you can see the teaser poster below.

salty poster simon west

Thanks to Allie for sending it over.


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