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Garth Ennis & Darick Robertson’s The Boys is heading to Cinemax


the boysIt appears that The Preacher effect is in full force. Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg are behind bringing that comic by Garth Ennis to TV over on AMC. Now it appears they are doing the same for Garth Ennis & Darick Robertson’s The Boys comic as they are teaming up with Neal Moritz and a show is in development at Cinemax.

There had been plans to turn it into a movie, but a TV show should be fantastic.

The comic book series is set in a world where superheroes exist. However, most of the superheroes in the series’ universe are corrupted by their celebrity status and often engage in reckless behavior, compromising the safety of the world. For this reason, a superpowered CIA squad, known informally as “The Boys”, is charged with monitoring the superhero community; the name is Butcher’s contribution, a reference from his neighborhood that those in power would send “the boys” to handle anyone causing trouble.

It is a great comic book – dark, funny, twisted, gory, disgusting and quite brilliant.

The question now is, who could play the main characters (if they all show up on TV)?

  • Billy Butcher
  • Hughie Campbell
  • Mother’s Milk
  • The Frenchman
  • The Female (of the Species)

Share your casting ideas in the comments below.

The look of Wee Hughie in the comic was based on that of Simon Pegg. In the past he had said he was worried he could be too old now to play the character in a film. It would be so good if they could get him though.

Rogen and Goldbergare set to direct.

Executive producing The Boys are Original Film’s Moritz, Pavun Shetty and Ori Marmur; Point Grey’s Rogen, Goldberg and James Weaver; Kripke; as well as Ken Levin and Kickstarter’s Jason Netter (Preacher). Ennis and Robertson will serve as co-executive producers.

Could somebody please make a Transmetropolitan TV show next?

Source: Deadline


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