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DVNA – The Danube River has disappeared in new trailer


dvna 2

Imagine that one day you wake up in the city of Budapest and realize the Danube River has disappeared. It’s just a dry riverbed full of nostalgic objects and memories. What kind of moral impact would it have on the people? What would happen to the drinking water supply? How long would the city be livable? Could it be at all?

Incited by this strange cataclysm, Tamás Yvan Topolánszky’s film ‘DVNA’ examines the bond between Hungary’s capitol and the river that bisects it.

‘DVNA’ tells the story from the morning the city wakes up to find the Danube river basin completely dry. Citywide panic sets in, causing havoc across the districts. As people calm, they naively try to adjust to the new situation, to no avail. There is no life without the Danube. As time goes on, Budapest slowly becomes a ghost town.

Only six people – unknown to each other – remain. They stay for different reasons, but they’re linked by a singular struggle. One by one they are forced to discover each other’s past. As the truth begins to unfold, a stunning secret is revealed. One of them has seen the Danube’s disappearance as a child. What was once a dream, is now prophecy…

The idea behind ‘DVNA’ came to Topolánszky in a nightmare. He walked along Margaret Bridge, built over the mighty Danube River. As he looked over the rail to see the water, he was horrified. It was just a dry riverbed, no water to be found in the deep depths of the river basin. This disturbing image made him consider what the Danube means to Budapest’s inhabitants, and what it would signify if it ever disappeared.

While the diploma film teaser is available today, the feature film’s planned premiere is November 2017.

Tamás Yvan Topolánszky graduated from Moholy-Nagy Művészeti Egyetem in the Media Design program in 2015. His first short film ‘Letter to God’ was shot with the support of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority of Hungary in 2014. The film had a successful film festival circuit, winning five grand prizes including the New York Short Film Festival’s ‘Best Movie’ and the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival’s ‘Best Director’ and ‘Best Short Film’.

As he works on ‘DVNA’, Topolánszky is concurrently working on the feature film ‘Curtiz’ also with the support of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority. The film follows Kertész Mihály, the most successful Hungarian director in Hollywood, as he shoots his legendary film classic “Casablanca”.

Topolánszky develops his films under the Halluci-Nation brand, a production company he founded with his two partners.



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