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Antonia Bogdanovich’s Phantom Halo gets a trailer



Antonia Bogdanovich makes her feature debut with an atmospheric, heart-felt and violent crime thriller which is released in the UK on DVD March 28 and on VOD April 11, 2016.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Games of Thrones) and Luke Kleintank (Gossip Girl) star as con-artist brothers Samuel and Beckett, who are forced to fund the financially chaotic life-style of their alcoholic father Warren (Sebastian Roche). They find escapism from their dysfunctional home-life in comics, Shakespeare and love affairs (enter Ms. Rose in the form of Rebecca Romijn), but their father’s growing debts force them into a counterfeiting scheme to get rich quick. When it backfires the family must decide – stick together and fight back or pay the ultimate price. Also stars Tobin Bell of Saw fame.

Writer-director Antonia Bogdanovich, the daughter of Oscar nominees Peter Bogdanovich (who was an exec producer on the film) adapted Phantom Halo from her short, critically acclaimed crime drama, My Left Hand. She describes the film as ‘LA Noir” and says that the streetwise characters were inspired by her own experiences during her rebellious youth, hanging out with thieves.

She comments: “I know street kids; I was a street kid, I got in a lot of trouble; I almost died at 17. I had a terrible drunk driving accident. And then I woke up and I realized this is only hurting yourself.”

PHANTOM HALO comes to the UK courtesy of TriCoast UK. It is released through Fusion Media Sales (DVD) and The Movie Partnership (VOD).

Phantom Halo Trailer from TriCoast Studios on Vimeo.


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