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Epson have wireless 3D projectors heading our way that can convert 2D to 3D and take your iPad


I am currently sat in the Kempinski Hotel in Berlin. No, I have not become an International Man of Mystery (or have I). Instead I was flown over by Epson to check out their new projectors before heading off to theIFA Show tomorrow.

Not only have I got to see some fantastic new home entertainment technology, but today also marked the first historic meeting between myself and David Sztypuljak of the excellent HeyUGuys. He’s a top bloke so you can head on over there for a quick look…I said a quick look.

Back to Berlin. Thanks to the hard work of Sue Burgess of Epson and Alica Kroupa of Brands2Life I made it safely to the hotel. After a spot of lunch and a quick shower it was off to the amazing DZ Bank Building which was designed by architect Frank Gehry. A truly amazing building.

There we had a presentation from Epson about their new projectors with the focus on 3D. I’ve reviewed some Epson projectors before and have been impressed with them all so any now advancements are music to my ears. Let me break it down for you.

Epson feel that the market is ready for 3D projectors. There is more content in movies, TV and video games. The fact that a company as large as Epson have got behind 3D shows that it looks as if it is more than just a passing phase.

The big announcements from this evening were:

– First projector with an iPod / iPhone / iPad Dock
– 2 series of HD 3D Projectors

First up was the EH-TW480.

This is an affordable model – £549 – with clear, bright images. It also has a quick response time to reduce motion blur.

Then we have the MG-850HD.

This is the World’s first projector to feature a docking station for your iPad or other i-thing. Primarily aimed to be portable (it weighs 3.9kg and has a handle) it has 10W stereo speakers which means you plug it in, stick on your iPad, select the music or videos you wish and hey presto.

Having the speakers is a huge plus as hooking projectors up to your surround sound can be a right pain. I speak from experience.

It will be on sale for about £649 through Apple online from next month.

Up and running the unit was a great, low price projector. Obviously the image is only as good as what you put into it – it projects in 720p.

Definitely one to get if you want to share your photos, videos etc.

Let’s move onto the 3D projectors. Epson have put a lot of work into these and developed new technology to ensure that the image is as bright and clear as possible. They also play 2D.

EH-TW5900 (£999) – EH-TW6000 (£1349) – EH-TW6000W (£1649). On sale from October.

These HD projectors have a brightness up to 2200 lumens and a contrast ration of 40,000:1

When not playing 3D you can have a split screen in 2D if you wish. TV and gaming at the same time. They also feature 10W stereo speakers and the wireless model means you don’t have to worry about wires everywhere.

Another plus is the front facing ventilation which means you can put the unit on a bookcase or another enclosed space.

The 3D I saw on this was fantastic with no degradation of image from the wireless connection.

The top of the line 3D Epson projectors were the EH-TW9000 (£2650) and EH-TW9000W (£2962). They will be on sale from November.

These beauties have a brightness of up to 2400 lumens and a contrast ratio of 200,000:1 which means the black on an image is going to be black with a lovely sharp image. This is basically digital cinema brightness.

Again you have the option for a wireless model which makes it even better. No messing around with your Blu-ray player and surround sound.

It also features frame interpolation – this adds frames to the film for smoother movement and has 3 settings. I found that this added a whole dimension to the moving image.

The 3D was stunning and a lot brighter than many 3D films I have seen at the cinema.

They also have the ability to convert 2D films to 3D. We were taken through the process, but not actually shown any footage of this in action. Hopefully I will get a chance to see it tomorrow so I can dispel the thoughts of another Clash of the Titans conversion.

There you have the quick rundown on the projectors heading our way from Epson. Definitely worth checking out and I should be getting a chance to try out the different models over the next few weeks.


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