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Could Nathan Fillion play Drake in the Uncharted movie? David O Russell no longer directing.



There had been lots on unhappiness with David O Russell’s take on the adaptation for the Uncharted video game. His vision had Nathan Drake being part of a family of treasure seekers going around the world. He also wanted Mark Wahlberg to play Drake with Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci as his Father and Uncle.

Not that bad a cast yet not the right one for Uncharted. Russell did sterling work on The Fighter and his Uncharted film would probably be worth a watch even though it would be nothing like the world set up in the video game.

Word from Deadline is that Russell has now left the project and Sony Pictures are getting a new writer involved to have another go at the script.

It looks as if Sony are keen to get the film made and I think that with Russell leaving the film may actually be faithful to the game.

Does this mean that fan favourite Nathan Fillion could step up to play Nathan Drake? Only time will tell but you know it makes sense.


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