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Cameron Diaz to star in Film Noir Muppets film


cameron-diazThe Happytime Murders is a new film by the Henson studios which sounds like a cross between Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Double Indemnity and Meet the Feebles (although probably not as obscene as the Peter Jackson puppet film).

Featuring the well-known Henson style of irreverence and parody, and taking its cues from such films as Pulp Fiction and LA Confidential, Happytime Murders presents a twist on the film noir genre. In a world where puppets are a minority race amongst humans, a puppet detective is forced to solve a string of murders around The Happytime Gang, the cast of a beloved children’s show, that is being picked off by a mysterious villain.

This movie is definitely aimed at adults and Vulture have the news that Cameron Diaz is in talks to star in the film.

They have also seen the script and describe one of the scenes:

One scene has a character opening the wrong door at the “Puppet Pleasureland,” and finding a cow puppet on a massage table having all of its teats milked by an octopus puppet. Reads the stage direction: “The cow MOOS in ecstasy. MILK is just SQUIRTING EVERYWHERE.”

If done properly this could be an excellent Muppet movie and sounds as if it will be really dark.

Do you like the sound of The Happytime Murders?

Source: Vulture


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